The leaders will work in pairs and conduct four workshops to be held in different locations in Vadstena. The focus of each workshop will connect to the main theme of the Symposium. The aim is to contribute to an improvisational theatre/community arts celebration on Saturday evening.

The Wisdom of Music

Discover chants, songs and stories from the magic roots of Yggdrasil”

Margareta Wärja och Per Espen Stokknes


Odin and Freya as Contemporary Resource: The Interplay of Ancient Power and Its Movement in the Body

Melinda Ashley Meyer and Markus Alexander

Evoking the Revelers of the North.

Welcome revelers. Welcome to the cottage of discovery, where judgement of self and others is replaced with curiosity. Come with us to a place of merry making where characters emerge in sound, motion, and maybe even a bit of drama. Who knows what might arise to adorn itself in costumery yet to be imagined.

Harold McKinney and Kirsi Lybeck

Peeling the Onion

Music, a praise of love - poetry, an act of peace to keep the strange alive.
An intermodal studio for comedians.

Paolo Knill and Margo Fuchs Knill