The program committee of the Spring Symposium 2017

  • Paolo Knill (EGS), teacher at the symposium
  • Margareta Wärja (chair) (Expressive Arts Stockholm), teacher at the symposium
  • Markus Scott-Alexander (World Arts Organization), teacher at the symposium
  • Anna Fenech (Malta)

The organizing hosting committe of the Spring Symposium 2017

Gunder Forss

Administration, web-page, budget/economy, web-registration
Psychologist, psychotherapist, CAGS

Anne Saari

In charge of lodging, contact with landlords, cultural arrangement, and other practical matters. 
Psychologist, psychotherapist, EXA-therapist.

Helena Harrysson

Registration in Vadstena, travel information, workshop rooms – art materials, and other practical matters.